Vol 16, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents

Review Articles


Molecularly targeted drugs for the treatment of cancer: oral complications and pathophysiology     PDF
EM. Dietrich, K. Antoniades     196 - 199

Eosinophilic Esophagitis: update on treatment approaches     PDF
L. Fotis, M. Xatzipsalti, A. Papadopoulou     200 - 204

Depression in diabetes mellitus: a comprehensive review     PDF
E. Andreoulakis, T. Hyphantis, D. Kandylis, A. Iacovides     205 - 214

Brief Review

Oral Mucositis: understanding the pathology and management     PDF
M. Georgiou, G. Patapatiou, S. Domoxoudis, K. Pistevou-Gompaki     215 - 216

Original Articles

Association of tumor necrosis factor-a gene polymorphism (-308) and obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome.     PDF
P. Almpanidou, G. Hadjigeorgiou, K. Gourgoulianis, A. Papadimitriou     217 - 220

Benign epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes (BECTS): relationship between unilateral or bilateral localization of interictal stereotyped focal spikes on EEG and the effectiveness of anti-epileptic medication     PDF
E. Pavlou, A. Gkampeta, A Evangeliou, F. Athanasiadou- Piperopoulou     221 - 224

Reliability and concurrent validity of the adapted Greek version of the Scoliosis Research Society-22r Questionnaire. A cross-sectional study performed on conservatively treated patients     PDF
M. Potoupnis, K. Papavasiliou, E. Kenanidis, S. Pellios, A. Kapetanou, F. Sayegh, G. Kapetanos     225 - 229

Different fatty acid composition of serum phospholipids of small and appropriate for gestational age preterm infants and of milk from their mothers     PDF
A. Arsic, V. Vucic, N. Prekajski, J. Tepsic, D. Ristic-Medic, V. Velickovic, M. Glibetic     230 - 235

Evaluation of nutritional parameters of hemodialysis patients     PDF
K. Kaynar, T. Songul Tat, S. Ulusoy, M. Cansiz, G. Ozkan, S. Gul, O. Bektas     236 - 240

The effects of omega 3 fatty acid supplementation on brain tissue oxidative status in aged wistar rats     PDF
N. Avramovic, V. Dragutinovic, D. Krstic, MB. Colovic, A. Trbovic, S. De Luka, I. Milovanovic, T. Popovic     241 - 245

A retrospective study of angiographically determined anomalous coronary arteries in 12,844 subjects in Thrace region of Turkey     PDF
N. Sivri, M. Aktoz, K. Yalta, F. Ozcelik, A. Altun     246 - 249

Prevalence of thrombophilic mutations in patients with unprovoked thromboembolic disease. A comparative analysis regarding arterial and venous disease     PDF
E. Mandala, C. Lafaras, C. Tsioni, M. Speletas, A. Papageorgiou, D. Kleta, T. Dardavessis, G. Ilonidis     250 - 255

Risk factors of obesity in a cohort of 1001 Cypriot adults: An epidemiological study     PDF
E. Andreou, Pg. Hajigeorgiou, K. Kyriakou, Th. Avraam, G. Chappa, P. Kallis, Ch. Lazarou, Ch. Philippou, C. Christoforou, R. Kokkinofta, C. Dioghenous, Sc. Savva, A. Kafatos, A. Zampelas, D. Papandreou     256 - 260

Inappropriately repeated lipid tests in a tertiary hospital in Greece: the magnitude and cost of the phenomenon     PDF
V. Iliadi, C. Kastanioti, G. Maropoulos, D. Niakas     261 - 266

Case series

Peritonitis due to uncommon gram-positive pathogens in children undergoing peritoneal dialysis     PDF
J. Dotis, N. Printza, F. Papachristou     267 - 268

Solitary fibrous tumours: unusual aspects of a rare disease     PDF
S. Meroni, L. Funicelli, C. Rampinelli, D. Galetta, L. Bonello, L. Spaggiari, M. Bellomi     269 - 274

Case Report

Psychosis following stab brain injury by a billiard stick     PDF
I. Turkalj, S. Stojanovic, K. Petrovic, V. Njagulj, I. Mikov, M. Spanovic     275 - 277

Giant transmural lipoma of the sigmoid colon     PDF
A. Tsiaousidou, E. Chatzitheoklitos, I. Hatzis, M. Alatsakis, A Katsourakis     278 - 279

Gastric schwannoma: a case report and literature review     PDF
S. Atmatzidis, G. Chatzimavroudis, D. Dragoumis, P. Tsiaousis, A. Patsas, K. Atmatzidis     280 - 282

Idiopathic acute transverse myelitis: Complete recovery after intravenous immunoglobulin     PDF
E. Pavlou, A. Gkampeta, K. Kouskouras, A. Evangeliou, F. Athanasiadou- Piperopoulou     283 - 285


Pulmonary tuberculosis in an adult patient with tetralogy of Fallot     PDF
E. Gunay, S. Gunay, G. Karakus, T. Sahin, D. Gorgun, I. Tursun, C. Dural     286

Honey and its protective role against oxidation of human low density lipoproteins and total serum lipoproteins     PDF
K. Makedou, S. Iliadis, E. Kara, M. Gogou, Th. Feslikidis, G. Papageorgiou     287

The current role of radiotherapy in "Bilateral exophthalmos in Grave's Disease"     PDF
S. Stylianidou, P. Bousbouras, I. Tzitzikas, K. Pistevou-Gombaki     288