Perforated endometrial appendicitis in pregnancy

Hippokratia 2012; 16(2):181-183

E. Giorgakis, V. Karydakis, A. Farghaly


Background: Endometriosis is a common disorder in women of reproductive age. A rare localization is the appendix, which, in most cases, is an incidental finding during appendectomies. The incidence of symptomatic appendiceal endometriosis or endometrial appendicitis might be increased in pregnancy. Moreover, endometrial appendicitis in pregnancy is more likely to present in an advanced stage, given the physiologic changes characterizing the gravid abdomen.
Materials and Methods: Description of a case of a pregnant woman presenting to the A&E with acute peritonitis attributable to advanced appendicitis. She underwent emergency laparotomy with appendectomy. The biopsy specimen was examined by the pathology laboratory of the same hospital.
Results: The laparotomy revealed perforated appendicitis. The histopathology report described acute endometrial appendicitis.