Symptomatic splenoma (hamartoma) of the spleen. A case report

Hippokratia 2010, 14(1):54-56

I. Tsitouridis, M. Michaelides, K. Tsitouridis, I. Davidis, I. Efstratiou


Hamartomas of the spleen (splenomas) are very rare benign tumors composed of an aberrant mixture of normal splenic elements. Herein we present a unique case of a symptomatic non-palpable splenoma in a 64-year-old female patient presented with anemia and thrombocytopenia and we describe imaging findings in ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. To our knowledge, this is the first case of a relatively small splenic hamartoma (35 mm at histopathology) associated with thrombocytopenia and anemia that resolved completely several months after splenectomy.