Sarcoidosis: oral and perioral manifestations

Hippokratia 2009, 13(2):119-121

AE Kolokotronis, MA Belazi, G Haidemenos, TK Zaraboukas, DZ Antoniades


A 46-year-old white woman with lesions on the lower lip, perioral area and in the soft tissues of the oral cavity (gingivae and palate) was examined. The clinical signs were recorded, and incisional biopsies from the oral lesions were taken.The diagnosis of sarcoidosis was established by the histopathological evidence of typical non-caseating granulomas from tissue biopsy, supported by serum ACE- 57.9 U/L, blood calcium 16.83 mEq/L and 24-hrs urine calcium 600 mg).Oral lesions may be the first or the only sign of sarcoidosis in an otherwise healthy patient.