Q Fever myocarditis

Hippokratia 2008, 12(1): 46-49

I. Vogiatzis, G. Dimoglou, V. Sachpekidis


Clinical manifestations of Q fever infection are fever, productive cough, decrease in exercise tolerance and chills. Cardiovascular involvement is well recognized and usually presents as endocarditis and infection of an aneurysm or vascular graft. Myocarditis has only rarely been described as a manifestation of acute Q fever infection. In this report we describe a case of a young adult who presented with angina-like symptoms and ECG and biochemical markers indicative of acute coronary syndrome. The diagnosis of myocarditis was ultimately made based on the results of a normal coronary angiography and increased anti-Coxiella burnetii antibody titer. The patient has not developed dilated cardiomyopathy after two years of follow up.