Isolated double gastric rupture caused by blunt abdominal trauma in an eighteen months old child: A case report

Hippokratia 2008, 12(1):50-52

S. Roupakias, G. Tsikopoulos, C. Stefanidis, K. Skoumis, I. Zioutis


We report a case of an isolated double gastric rupture, resulted from blunt abdominal trauma, that we successfully repaired by primary closure. A 18-month-old girl injured in a motorvehicle accident was admitted to our hospital where the plain X-ray and the CT findings revealed the presence of free abdominal air. An immediate performed exploratory laparotomy disclosed two full-thickness ruptures of the stomach (on the greater curvature and the posterior wall). The ruptures were closed primarily by a two-layer closure. Twenty-four hours post-operatively the patient developed delayed shock as a result of chemical peritonitis. On the 8th postoperative day the girl developed septic shock and gastrorrhagia. She underwent a gastroscopy which revealed stress ulcer, and was treated conservatively in the children intesive care unit of our hospital. She was discharged home on 20th postoperative day. At 3-month follow up, she was doing well with normal growth and eating a regular regimen about her age. Gastric rupture following blunt abdominal trauma is rare, with a reported incidence of 0.02 – 1.7%. The morbidity and mortality are directly related to the number of associated injuries, the delay in diagnosis and the development of intraabdominal sepsis. In this paper we emphasise the need for early diagnosis and the aggressive surgical treatment as a key to decreasing the mortality and morbidity from this relatively rare injury, especially in this age group of children.