Intravenous administration of iron sucrose for treating anemia in postpartum women

Hippokratia 2009, 13(1):38-40

C. Giannoulis, A. Daniilidis, T. Tantanasis, K. Dinas, J. Tzafettas


Background: To compare the efficacy of oral and intravenous administration of iron supplements for treating postpartum anemia. Methods: One hundred and four anemic postpartum women were studied prospectively. The criteria for the diagnosis of anemia were Hb < 8 gr/dl and ferritine < 10?g/dl. They were randomised into two groups. Group A constisted of 78 women who received i.v. a total amount of 300 mg iron sucrose in three days. Group B consisted of 26 women, who received orally 800 mg iron proteinsuccinylate daily for four weeks. Results: At the end of the study, in group A the increase of Hb mean level was 4.6 gr/dl and of ferritin mean level was 105 mg/L. In group B the increase in hemoglobin mean level was 2.3 gr/dl and ferritin mean level was 68 mg/L. There was significant difference in the increase of hemoglobin level (p= 0.0001) and also in the increase in ferritin level (p=0.0004) between the two groups. Conclusion: Intravenous administration of iron sucrose seems to be safe and it helps postpartum women to recover early from anemia.