Cardio-renal anemia syndrome

Hippokratia 2008, 12(1):11-16

G Efstratiadis, D. Konstantinou, I. Chytas, G. Vergoulas


The interaction between cronic heart failure, cronic kidney insufficiency and anemia, form a vicious cycle, termed as the cardio-renal anemia syndrome. The interaction between these three conditions causes deterioration of the cardiac and renal function and increases anemia. Each of the three can cause or be caused by the others. We herein analyze and speculate the mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of this new syndrome highlighting the main points of interest that seem to expand upon more than one specialty. The cardio-renal anemia syndrome is emerging in the area of clinical investigation with progressively elevated significance.Additionaly we report the data related to anemia treatment as part of therapeutic perspective concerning the management of patients manifesting the profile of this syndrome