Ulnar sesamoid’s fracture of the thumb: An unusual injury and review of the literature

Hippokratia 2007, 11(3):154-156

E Fotiadis, E Samoladas, P Akritopoulos, A Chatzisimeon, K Akritopoulou


Background: It concerns an unusual injury which is the result of a violent hyperextension or abduction of the pollex and even less frequently by direct injury. Aim: To increase our sensitivity and observation regarding thumb’s injuries, because it is possible a fracture of the sesamoid not to be diagnosed.Material and Method: We present a case of an adult man, 35 years old, who suffered a violent hyperextension of the right pollex. The contribution of digital X-ray examination, which demonstrated a fracture of the ulnar sesamoid of the pollex was very important. The fracture was treated with fixation with elastic bandages for two weeks.Results: Follow up of the patient six weeks and six months after the injury, demonstrated a total recovery of the function of the pollex and callousness of the fracture, respectively. Conclusion: Fracture of sesamoid bones of the thumb is a rare injury, not usually diagnosed, but it has good prognosis when treated properly.