Human and ape: the legend, the history and the DNA

Hippokratia 2007; 11 (2): 92-94

A A Diamandopoulos, P C Goudas
“St. Andrews” General State Hospital, Patras, Greece


A vast amount of papers is published every year about species evolution, the most interesting being those recently published in the journal ‘Nature’, concerning the human-ape relationship. The results and the new theories generated from this research are sometimes astonishing, rising not only biological, but also social, reli gious and cultural questions. One of the new questions concerns the role of species interbreeding as a means of evolution. In the subject of species interbreeding between human and ape we found some interesting historical and mythical information that sort of back-up this theory of interbreeding, with a historical and cultural side of view.

Keywords: human DNA, ape DNA, species evolution, interbreeding

Correspoding author: Diamandopoulos A, St Andrews State Hospital, Patras, Greece, e-mail: