Syncope in the elderly from cardiological point of view

Hippokratia 2005, 9(4):147-153

DZ Psirropoulos
Cardiology Division, 2nd Dpt Internal Medicine, Hippokratio Hospital, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece


Syncope is attributed to neurogenic reflexes , orthostatic hypotension, arrythmias, heart diseases or cerebrovascular diseases . The usual syncope causes in elderly are orthostatic hypotension (20-30%) ,hypersensitivity of carotid sinus (>20%) , vasovagal reflexes (>20%) and arhythmias (>20%) .The existence of heart disease and the advanced age are the strongest predictors for acute death in the elderly patients with syncope history.The syncope management is easier achieved when it is directed towards the responsible causes.The management of otherwise healthy elderly patients with at least one syncopic episode is similar to that of younger patients.In contrary , the management of weak or very old patients is modified in respect to their prognosis.