Human Sexual and reproductive rights

Hippokratia 2005, 9(2):51-53

V Karagiannis, A Mamopoulos, P Petropoulos, N. Ververidou, Th Karagiannis


Human sexual and reproductive rights.In 1995, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, bearing in wind the goals of family planning, has created a charter of protection of the human sexual and reproductive rights. The aim of that charter is to delineate the moral limits within which men and women, equally, claim their sexual and reproductive rights, which are fundamental elements of the normal development both of a human being but, also, of the society as a whole.This charter gives the right to national Family planning Federations, to intervene whenever and wherever there is a violation of these rights, according to internationally accepted rates of behavior. Sexual and reproductive rights are summarized in 12 ?articles? that concern individuals and couples of all nations, races, religions, political beliefs and sexual orientation.