Immunotherapy with an oral bacterial extract for urinary tract infections

Hippokratia 2004, 8(4):161-165

M Malliara
General Hopsital of Katerini, Katerini, Greece


Background. This study has made to demonstrate efficacy and safety of oral bacterial extracts in reducing the number of urinary tract infection episodes.
Patients and methods: In 20 patients (group A), we gave 1 capsule per day of bacterial extract during 3 months with their conventional antibiotics. All the patients having had more than 2 urinary tract infections during the last 6 months and having actually an acute infection with dysuria, fever and bacteruria. In 10 patients (group B) with the same criteria we did not gave bacterial extract but only antibiotics and we used them as the control group. The duration of the study was 9 months. Women were 60%, chronic renal failure and nephrolithiasis persisted in 20%. Gram (-) bacteria revealed in 80%.
Results: The first 3 months 54 % of the patients from group A had none recurrence. After 6 months from the end of receiving bacterial extract in group A: 37 % had 1 episode and 67 % in the control group (p < 0.05). The intensity and duration of symptoms were diminished in A group in comparison with the control group. Adverse reactions like diarrhoea and headache revealed in 4 % not so serious to discontinue the medicine. All the patients finished this rotocol. We conclude that the purified bacterial extracts diminish the intensity and the recurrences of urinary tract infections. They seem to be safe and effective without serious sides effects.