Choledochal cyst in an adult

Hippokratia 2004, 8(1):29-34

T Gerasimidis, A Ntinas, D Tsantilas, G Fragandreas, C Spiridis, G Imvrios, E Akriviadis, E Zafiriadou, K. Patsiaoura
5th Surgical Dpt, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki
Organ Transplant Unit, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki,
4th Internal Medicine Clinic, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki
1st Radiology Dpt, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki
Pathology Dpt, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece


Choledochal cyst in adults is a rare condition. The authors report on a case of choledochal cyst, with emphasis on the diagnosis and management. The clinical symptoms are sometimes subtle, but is also reported the complete classic triads symptoms: abdominal pain, jaundice and palpable abdominal mass. We present here a case of a 19-year-old man with abdominal pain of intermittent character and vomiting. The symptoms appeared 18 months prior to admission, with progressive aggravation. CT scan, ultrasound, MRI and MRCP contribuited significantly, but the diagnosis was established by ERCP. It was a type Ib choledochal cyst according to the classification system proposed by Alonzo-Lej. Total excision of cyst with Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy and cholecystectomy was performed. The young man until now is completely asymptomatic.