Access of Persons with Special health Care needs to quality dental services in Greece

Hippokratia 2004, 8(2):57-61

P. Thanoulis, I Basli
Dental Dpt, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece


The individuals with special medical needs hardly seek for dental care and their access to the dental health services is compromised. The obstacles that they meet in the use of dental services can be divided in three categories: Barriers from the users themselves and the carers. Barriers from the professionals that offer the services. Barriers from the shortage of government programs and services for the oral health of people with special needs.
An absence is observed in dental services with complete functional status, program and strategy in Greece for the protection and the promotion of oral health of people with special needs. For this reason it is essential that a Central Specialised Dental Service for the oral health care of the disabled to be founded with peripheral Dental Health Services in local or perhaps in Prefectoral level under the Ministry of Health.
Aim and objective of these Dental Services are: Recording of the number of persons with special needs. Organising of education and training programs in dental prevention for parents or carers. Program of prevention. A mobile dental unit and Units of dental care in Hospitals.
Thus is determined the form, which we can apply in our country in order to activate us in offering to individuals with special medical needs comfortable and free access to quality dental services.