Primary hyperaldosteronism due to a rennin-responsive adenoma. A case report

Hippokratia 2003, 7(3):119-124

B Batakoias, M Kita, D.G Goulis, D Gakis, M Leontsini, A Avramides
Endocrinology Dpt, Hippokratio General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece


A case of primary hyperaldosteronism in a 57-year-old female patient with unilateral adrenal adenoma (aldosterinoma) is presented. Serum aldosterone was very high at supine position (22.0 ng/dl, normal range 1.0-10.5) in spite of the low levels of plasma renin (0.23 ng/ml/h, normal range 0.20-2.70) and was notably increased after standing at upright position (131.0 ng/dl, normal range 3.4 Œ27.3), suggesting a renin-responsive lesion. Computed tomography revealed an adenoma of the left adrenal gland. Adrenal scintigraphy during dexamethasone suppression showed unilateral radiotracer uptake at the left side. The left adrenal gland was removed and an aldosterone-producing adenoma was confirmed by histologic examination. Four months after surgery, serum potassium and plasma aldosterone levels were normal and a marked decrease of blood pressure to normal levels was observed.