Mesangiolysis due to primary mesangial injury

Hippokratia 2003, 7(4):147-151

M Leontsini


Mesangiolysis is an injurious glomerular process that affects primarily the mesangium. It can be defined as a dissolution or attenuation of mesangial matrix and degeneration of mesangial cells. This type of injury can be seen in a variety of glomerular diseases arising from a multitude of pathologic conditions (Table 1). Overall, the spectrum of renal injuries in which mesangiolysis may be a contributing element encompasses a significant portion of conventional renal biopsy practice. Morita T et al1, using morphologic criteria, recognizable by light microscopy, classified most of the mesagiolysis – associated conditions into three groups:
a. mesangiolysis due to primary mesangial injury
b. mesangiolysis after endothelial injury and
c. mesangiolysis due to persistent or repeated mesangial and/or endothelial damage.