The Duhamel-Martin operation in adult Hirschsprung’s disease performed with mechanical sutures

Hippokratia 2001, 5(4):151-155

A Sakadamis, K Ballas, A Papavasiliou, C Pasinis, S Rafailidis


The Duhamel-Martin operation is widely used for the treatment of adult Hirschsprung’s disease. Purpose of this article is to represent our technique in performing this procedure using mechanical sutures entirely. We performed the operation, as a single or staged procedure in three patients. There were not major postoperative complications and the long-term results were excellent.We believe that the use of mechanical sutures in the Duhamel-Martin operation makes the surgical procedure easier and the total operating time as well as mean hospital stay is minimized. The technique can be recommended in every case of adult Hirschsprung’s disease.