Wilson’s Disease: MRI evaluation

Hippokratia 2001, 5(3):119-123

F Goutsaridou, S Chondromatidiu, I Emmanouilidou, N Papapostolou, Ch Papastergiou, Ch Tsantiridis, E Tsitouridis


Wilson’s disease is an uncommon genetic disorder, which is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion. lt is a disease of copper rnetabolism leading to an excessive deposition of copper, primarily in the liver and later, in many tissues, especially in the brain. Eleven (11) patients with Wilson’s disease were evaluated by cranial MR – imaging. Two patients had normal findings in MR – images. There was brain atrophy in 9 patients. Nine patients had abnormal findings in basal ganglia, six patients had findings in midbrain while two of them presented the characteristic “panda sign”. Whit matter lesions were present in five patients. N conclusion MR – imaging is the method of choice, for the evaluation of brain in patients with Wilson disease.