The Greek version of KINDL questionnaire

Hippokratia 2001, 5(3):124-135

LE Vidali, A Vidalis, U Ravens-Sieberer, M Bullinger


Many advances have occurred during the last two decades in the development of psychometric instruments for the evaluation of heath – related quality if life if adult population. Unlikely, the respective effort for children was in dead minimum, even though nobody doubted that these persons also, face health problems. The purpose of this work is the presentation of the Greek version of KINDLR questionnare that gives to scientist the use of evaluating the diagnostic and therapeutic manipulation applied to improve the quality of life of children 4 to 17 year old. This instrument evaluates the quality of life through a central analogy that covers general aspects of children’s life, whilst also accounts the special surcharge related to such age disease through adittioal analogies.