Schatzki’s ring: Report of two cases

Hippokratia 2001, 5(1):37-41

I Vougiouklis, I Arvanitakis, A Spanos, I Siopi, S Bantios, A Akriviadis, E Arvanitakis


Schatzki’s ring constitutes a rare pathologic entity of controversial rate with the characteristic clinical presentation of acute dysphagia. Diagnosis is established with barium meal or endoscopy. This is a report of two cases of acute dysphagia due to Schatzki’s ring diagnosed with the aid of endoscopy and barium meal. A review is included of the features of Schatzki’s ring, its rate and the different forms of rings in the lower esophagus with description of their radiological characteristics. The purpose of this study is to emphasize the existence of this pathological entity and the need for careful radiological investigation as diagnosis with barium meal depends an meticulous technique and good knowledge of the anatomy and functional physiology of the lower esophagus.