Parasellar extension of pituitary adenomas and cerebelar ischaetnia: MRI evaluation

Hippokratia 2001, 5(3):115-118

V Souftas, F Goutsaridou, M Emmanouilidou, S Chondromatidu, Ch Papastergiou, Ch Osantiridis, P Papapostolou, I Tsitouridis


MRI and MRA of the brain were conducted in addition to MRI of the pittuitary gland to 93 patients with pituiitary macroadenoma of 3rd and 4rh extension degree, for the invesrigation of ischaemic lesions resulting frorn pressure or encasement of the internal carotids. No ischarnic lesions were detecred with potential corellation to the tumorous behaviour of the adenomas.