Children’s perception and approach to adoption

Hippokratia 2001, 5(2):84-90

E Laloumi-Vidali, A Vidalis, M Evangelakis


The present study was conducted in order to identify the perception, of pre-school and school children of adoption, due to increasing coverage by the Mass Media of adoption issues in general, and illegal adoption in particular. A modified version of the “Primary Student Survey of Handicapped Persons Questionnaire” was administered to three non-adoptive groups of children aged 4, 7 and 9 respectively.Results revealed no impact from Mass Media on the 4-year-old group.In the 7-year-old group, especially in females, there was a more negative perception with a statistical significance (p<0.05), which indicates that 7 years old girls are receptive to Mass Media influences, and appear more vulnerable than males in dealing with the concept of adoption.On the other hand, the 9 years old group felt emotionally more secure and less influenced on Mass Media (p<0.05).An environment of inspiring confidence in, comprehension and reassurance especially on the part of teachers seems to be essential during the formative year (7 years old) in facilitating a positive adjustment to the concept of adoption and its complicated processes.