Repair of inguinal hernia with one day hospitalization (day – care)

Hippokratia 1998, 2(3):135-138

H. Frizis, I. Prionidis, K. Konstadinidis, G. Chatzitheoharis


The classical surgical techniques of the inguinal hernia repair were based on approximation of tissues not normally overlapped. The recognition of this conceptual mistake led surgeons to the “tension – free” repair of the inguinal canal. The application of this method under local anesthesia without hospitalization (day – care) proved to be safe and cost – effective with better surgical results compared to the old fashioned method.The aim of this study was to test the safety and the efficacy of the method comparing our results with those of specialized centers with large series of patients treated on a day – care basis.During a 4 year period, 1994-1998, in the First Surgical Department of the Hippokration General Hospital, 161 patients undergone inguinal hernia repair with the “tension – free” method by Lichtenstein on a day – care basis.
The review of our results led us to the conclusion that the method can be applied with excellent results in every day practice. Moreover we believe that the method of day – care can be applied to other surgical diseases as well, leading to the improvement of health services and the reduction of the cost.