Gas containing gallstones. Star or Mercedes-Benz sign

Hippokratia 2000, 4(3):136-140

A Stefanidis, P. Kougias, A. Zografos, M. Vagenas, P. Tsoutsas, K. Chrisafis


Gas within the lumen of Gallbladder can be due to emphysematous chelecystitis, fistulas between the gallbladder and bowel or the existence of gas containing gallstones. Gallstones remain a widespread clinical problem. Though infrequently seen, a characteristic finding of gallstones is the “star” sign or “Mercedes – Benz” sign. Stellate radiolucencies within a gallstone produce a triradiate pattern resembling the insignia of Mercedes-Benz automobile. Ultrasound is now the major imaging modality for demonstrating gallstones. CT seems to delineate better the quantity of air inside the stones. A rare case of an adult man with stellate fissuring – gas containing gallstones and colonic carcinoma is described.