Assessment of Quality of Life. Nottingham Health Profile (NHP)-Greek version

Hippokratia 2000, 4(1):39-42

A. Vidalis, M. Syngelakis


This article presents the Greek version of the N.H.P, an internationally recognized, valid, reliable and easy to use tool, to evaluate an individual’s quality of life.The Nottingham Health Profile (N.H.P), is a self-administered questionnaire consisting of 38 [7] simple questions related to the individual’s health condition.It is a valuable source of information concerning six issues (mobility, pain, sleep, energy, emotional reactions, social isolation) and seven sectors of the individual’s every day life (work, housing, social life, family life, hobbies and vacations), which can be seriously affected by a morbid condition.
Its Greek version intends to provide researchers with an additional tool of evaluating the impact which an illness or handicap may have, upon the quality of life of Greek patients.