The effect of thrombolytic treatment on the outcome of acute ischemic events following coronary angiography

Hippokratia 1997, 1(3):159-162

I. Kanonidis, A. Platis, G. Dadoush, K. Tsorbatzoglou, C. Papadopoulos


The study evaluated the effect of thrombolysis in the treatment of patients who developed unstable angina or myocardial infarction following coronary angiography. Eighteen patients developed such symptoms within 48 hours following coronary angiography. These patients were treated with selective thrombolytic agents. The point of arterial puncture was enforced by the application of additional weight to avoid excessive bleeding. Thrombolytic treatment was clinically successful in 16 of the 18 patients. Local hematoma was noticed in 4 patients who were treated conservatively in all cases. Blood transfusion was carried out in one patient. It is concluded that thrombolytic treatment in combination with an additional weight application on the site of arterial puncture is an effective clinical approach for the treatment of acute ischemic events following coronary angiography and safe enough to prevent the development of severe local hematoma.