Mental problems of cardiopathy patients. Coronary disease’s (heart attack) psychosocial factors

Hippokratia 1997, 1(3):144-150

S. Giannitsi, A. Vidalis


In this study were reviewed the psychosocial factors correlated with coronary disease, which continues to constitute one of the most common cause of death in Western societies. For this reason, the coronary disease and its relation with psychosocial factors have been a field of several multicentre researches in last 20 years. Type A personality, depression, anxiety, acute dysthymia within disturbing life events, a high degree of sympathetic responsiveness to environmental stimuli, so-ciocultural factors as well as interpersonal factors have been involved directly or indirectly in the origin and course of a number of cardiovascular problems. The psychiatric intervention, therefore may contribute decisively, to a certain degree tore formation of the above factors, intervening positively in prevention, course and prognosis of this disturbances.