Spinal myoclonus

Hippokratia 1997, 1(2):111-113

E. Koutlas, L. Nikolaidou-Tokalaki, G. Zacharakis


We present a case report of a patient 63 years old, male, who was admitted because of generalized, symmetric myoclonic seizures with intact consciousness. The brain C.T. scan and the E.E.G. were within normal limits. Fourteen months ago he had an extended laminectomy L1-L4 because of severe spondylosis. The MRI scan of the lumbar spine revealed a chronic arachnoiditis, a rare cause of myoclonus originating from the spinal cord. We noticed a complete remission of the seizures after treatment with phenytoin 375 mg, clonazepam 4 mg and piracetam 5g.