Pregnancy and delivery after renal transplantation

Hippokratia 1997, 1(1):24-27

G Vergoulas, Gr. Miserlis, F. Solonaki, D. Kanetidis, V. Traianos, V. Papanikolaou, G. Imvrios, D. Gakis, D. Takoudas, A. Antoniadis


It is known that women of reproductive age after renal transplantation can conceive and deliver normal babies. From Jan 1979 to Dec 1994 seven transplanted women had twelve pregnancies. Six pregnancies gave normal babies. There were one automatic and five therapeutic abortions. Women with normal deliveries were 24 year old (range 18-28 years) and were taking triple drug immunosuppression (methylprednisolone, azathioprine, cyclosporine) during pregnancy. Serum creatinine was 1.03 mg% (range 0,8-1,4 mg%) before conception and 1.0 mg% (range 0.7-1.5 mg%) after delivery. There was no proteinuria before conception, during pregnancy or after delivery. Mean arterial blood pressure was 120/83 mmHg (range 100/80-140/100 mmHg) before conception and 122/80 mmHg (range 100/70-140/100 mmHg) after delivery. One woman with mild hypertension continued taking her antihypertensive drug and had normal delivery. Acute rejection episodes were not recorded during or after these pregnancies. The therapeutic abortions were done because of social reasons and because of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus combined with hypertension. In conclusion women with renal transplantation can have conception and normal pregnancy without derangement of graft function or elevation of arterial blood pressure.