Dear Reviewers of Hippokratia journal,

I am delighted to inform you that from mid April 2013 our new website is online. Besides its improved aesthetic appearance, it has been designed by our new provider SlidesCenter to have increased functionality. One can find the current issue of the journal both in the front page as titles linking to the full text and in the Current page as summaries, fact that increases the readability of the new papers. All new papers are available as full text both in html and in pdf format. In the front page one can also find the Featured Articles, a search engine with option for advanced search and all necessary contents providing information about the journal (About, Editorial Board, Current, Archives, Instructions, Links, Contact) in a simplistic and yet functional way. The Archives are included in a scroll down menu which makes it possible to access all past issues easily and fast. In the bottom of the front page there is access to the newsletter and option for one to subscribe for the printed edition, the newsletter or for e-mail alerts. Currently new submissions are available only through email to the journal’s office but soon the online submission systems which supports our new website will be ready and fully functional and all the peer review process will be handled online. Please visit the new site of Hippokratia at

Another issue I would like to inform you about is that, following relevant decision of the Editorial Board aiming to control potential gifted authorship issues, we have set a limit to the number of listed authors per paper. Review articles should have up to 3 and in exceptional cases 4 authors; Original articles as many authors as justified by the study conducted; Case series and case reports should have maximum 5 authors while letters to the editor, maximum three authors. Each listed author of an article should have taken a substantial part in the research, literature review or preparation of the manuscript. Only those who contribute scientifically are justified to be registered as authors; If Gifted Authorship issues are suspected, the Editor will request a letter reporting the contribution of each author independently and the number of authors will be reduced accordingly.

Even though currently Hippokratia does follow strict rules regarding ethical issues and operates quality assurance procedures, I am happy to announce that the Editorial Board is finalising Hippokratia's Position Statements on ethical issues (plagiarism, gift authorship, citation manipulation, privileged authorship) and soon will be available in our new website for all our Reviewers and future Authors.

Thank you for your contribution to the continuous improvement of Hippokratia.

Best regards

Ass.Prof. Stefanos Triaridis MD, MSc, PhD
Editor of Hippokratia